Jennifer Garner plays the coolest spy since Emma Peel, which might explain why Alias fans went nuts for our cover featuring the sexy double agent (#643, March 8). ”Jennifer Garner is the new goddess of TV,” writes Wesley May from Arrington, Tenn. ”Every episode leaves me breathless.” Also thrilled was Aimee Gilliam from Cleveland. ”Alias’ Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, and Michael Vartan light up the screen. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!” As for baritone Josh Groban, well, readers don’t mind him, either. ”Josh Groban, a ‘nerd’?!” squeals Donna Dorsey of Wilmington, Del. ”A sigh is heard throughout [the] land of nerdoholics addicted to his beautiful voice and wonderfully curly hair.” Go Figaro, indeed!

The Spies Have It

Not only was your cover shot of Jennifer Garner phenomenal, your coverage of Alias as the hottest show on television was the best call you’ve made in a recent history of really good calls. Thanks for giving this stellar cast and crew — and all their great work — their due. GREGORY MORRISON San Antonio

I love Jennifer Garner, so I was thrilled to see your cover story. But I think it’s high time the media noted she’s not the only sexy spy to keep fans glued to the show. Michael Vartan certainly makes me contemplate the intriguing possibilities of the term ”handler” every week. Your next assignment: Undercover with him, please! CASSANDRA SHERRILL Clemmons, N.C.

I am elated at the success of Jennifer Garner. However, your cover could have featured more of Alias’ other stars — its writers. The reason I watch is not because of Garner’s curves, but rather the program’s twists and turns. Alias is a clever, fast-paced treat for the mind. JAN RICHARD GORLIN Maplewood, N.J.

Alias is about a female spy who has issues with her father. She is in serious danger from her boss. She is attracted to her immediate superior/contact (and vice versa). Why does this plot sound so familiar? Could it be that Alias is ABC’s sugarcoated version of USA’s La Femme Nikita? JAMES COLLARD Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Alias’ Jennifer Garner reminds me of my first love, a certain ”spy girl” from the ’60s TV show The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. If Alias’ producers resurrect Sydney Bristow’s mom, the only casting choice would be the still-gorgeous Stefanie Powers! CLARK ELLIOT Los Angeles

Not only do you put the star of one of the best new shows this season on the cover, but you also have an hour-by-hour synopsis of the season’s other great show — 24! Keep picking the winners! BRIAN STOLL Elmira, N.Y.

Oh My Josh!

I swear to god you people read my mind! Right after I exhausted all avenues to locate more about Josh Groban, I received your issue! Chris Willman wrote a fascinating article (”Go Figaro!”). Thanks for seeking out talented people other magazines overlook, and for being one step ahead of me. JACQUELINE K. LONGMAN Scotts, Mich.