Oscar night by the numbers

.999 Number of times Barbara Walters made someone cry during her Oscar special (Halle Berry stopped just short of actually leaking)

8 & 5 Number of nominations that A Beautiful Mind and In the Bedroom received

7 & 4 Number of nominations they received according to the ABC preshow

13 Number of seconds it took for producers to hand a working mike to ABC preshow cohost Ananda Lewis

0 Number of times the camera cut to Nicole Kidman during Tom Cruise’s opening Oscar speech

24 Time in months most children are required to wear braces

1 Number of mentions of Ernest Goes to Jail

4 Number of times Jennifer Connelly made eye contact with the audience

85 Number of seconds the longest standing ovation lasted (for Sidney Poitier)

1 Number of times Baz Luhrmann’s name was misspelled (one of his n’s was dropped during the Moulin Rouge Best Picture presentation)

4.5 Number of Beatles who were shown on screen during the night (Paul, Ringo, George, John, and Yoko)

6 Number of Whoopi Goldberg’s outfits

1 Number of foot-fetish jokes

1 Number of close-ups of Whoopi Goldberg’s feet

43 Number of seconds of the shortest acceptance speech (by Best Animated Short Film winner Ralph Eggleston)

257 Number of seconds of the longest acceptance speech (by Best Actress winner Halle Berry)

257 Number of minutes the Oscars lasted, making it the longest-running show in history

21 Number of people thanked in Halle Berry’s speech

0 Number of times she thanked costar Billy Bob Thornton

1992 Last year that any one film failed to win more than four Oscars (Unforgiven)