Yep, kids say the darnedest things, as Edward Norton learned on the set of Death to Smoochy, in which Robin Williams’ clown seeks revenge on Norton’s Barney-like Smoochy for taking his TV time slot. When Williams switches kid-friendly baked goods with treats inspired by, um, the male anatomy, a young extra’s reaction caught everyone by surprise. ”We were shooting the ‘c — k cookie’ scene,” recalls Norton, who handed out the naughty nosh to kids in the studio. But the children hadn’t been clued in on the joke. So when he whipped out the cookies, says Norton, ”this one little kid in the front goes, ‘What the f — -?”’ The ad-lib landed on the cutting-room floor, and the youngster no doubt had a soapy supper.

Death to Smoochy
  • Movie
  • 108 minutes