Confirms Your Parents' Worst Fears

Parents, do you have lingering suspicions your upstanding college kids are experimenting with booze and lascivious behavior? Then stay far away from, because according to the purportedly true-life tales students are posting there, things are even more debauched than you could possibly imagine. Biff and Buffy, it seems, are alternately engaging in distance-vomiting and energetic partner-swapping, not to mention occasionally being led away naked and handcuffed by local police (think John Belushi in Animal House, right). Check out Drunk Terms, which includes more than 300 euphemisms for getting wasted (”legless,” ”out of your zip code”). In the last three years, has collected some 1,000 anecdotes, with 15 new ones posted each week. The prose is a queasy mix of Girls Gone Wild and the Ken Starr report, with titles ranging from ”How’d You Get Those Scratches?” to ”Parent Puke Party.” Is there any, ah, educational value here? ”The one thing we’ve learned is, keep your dorm room locked,” says Wake Forest grad Derrick Pittman, who founded with buddy Ben Applebaum. ”Because people burst in at the worst moments.”