Sigourney Weaver to star in first film about 9/11. Plus, news about Woody Allen, Jimmy Fallon, Ashley Judd, Martin Scorsese, the Grammys, the Strokes, Celine Dion, Bob Costas, and others
Sigourney Weaver
Credit: Sigourney Weaver: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press/NewsCom

REEL DEALS Sigourney Weaver will star in ”The Guys,” the first film to deal with the events of , based on a commissioned and directed by her husband, Jim Simpson. Simpson will also direct the movie, which will costar Anthony LaPaglia as a New York fire chief who must compose eulogies for eight firemen lost at the World Trade Center and enlists an editor (Weaver) to help him. The play was based on the real-life experience of Anne Morse, who teaches at the Columbia School of Journalism. She met Simpson at a dinner party, and he encouraged her to turn the experience into a stage drama. Nine days later, he had a play to stage at his Flea Theater near Ground Zero. The initial staging starred Weaver and her ”Ghostbusters” pal Bill Murray; since then, the play has featured LaPaglia and Susan Sarandon, while the current run stars Tim Robbins and Swoosie Kurtz. Shooting begins this month in New York….

Having finally attended the Oscars for the first time after 13 previous invitations, Woody Allen is also finally accepting an invitation to attend the . He’ll make his first Croisette appearance in May when the festival opens with his upcoming film ”Hollywood Ending.” (It’s a comedy that stars Allen, Tea Leoni, Tiffani Thiessen, and George Hamilton.) ”Over the last few years, they have invited me so many times that I now want to offer them something in return,” the filmmaker said in a statement. The French, who love Allen a lot more than American audiences do (judging by his box office over the last 15 years), responded in kind. Cannes organizer Gilles Jacob said an Allen appearance would be ”almost unimaginable, a quasi-supernatural spectacle.”

Meanwhile, Allen has added ”Saturday Night Live”’s Jimmy Fallon to the cast of the movie he’s shooting in New York this spring. The movie, whose title and premise are being kept under wraps in typical Allen fashion, also stars Christina Ricci, Jason Biggs, Danny DeVito, and Glenn Close….

Yet another Paramount thriller for Ashley Judd. In ”Blackout,” she’ll play a cop who becomes a suspect in her own murder investigation when her ex-lovers start dropping dead. It’ll be directed by Philip Kaufman (”Quills,” ”Henry & June”), so expect lots of gratuitous-but-artful nudity….

Yet another mob movie for Martin Scorsese; this time just as a voice actor. He’s joining the GoodFishes of ”Sharkslayer,” DreamWorks’ animated undersea mob story, which stars James Gandolfini as a mafia shark. Is it not considered typecasting if it’s a cartoon?

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