Celebs answer a ''Friends'' question. And as usual, Hollywood had an opinion on who Rachel should end up with

Credit: Friends: Danny Feld

It’s the question of the season: Should Jennifer Aniston’s preggers Rachel end up with her ex, David Schwimmer’s sensitive prof Ross — or Matt LeBlanc’s lovable hunk Joey? As usual, Hollywood has the answers.

? RENE RUSSO (”Big Trouble”) ”I have to go with the baby’s father, Ross.”
? PATRICIA ARQUETTE (”Human Nature”) ”I like scientists, but Joey’s just got a heart of gold.”
? JULIANNE MOORE ”They all live in the same house anyway, so who cares, right?”
? COLIN FARRELL (”Hart’s War”) ”I’d like Rachel to end up with [Courteney Cox Arquette]. That’d be an enchanting plot twist.”
? BRAD ROWE (”Leap of Faith”) ”Joey. He’s just the dope who gets a good meal. He needs some lovin’.”
? PHIL DONAHUE ”Oh, they’re all nice kids.”
? LARA FLYNN BOYLE ”Ross. There’s just something about a long, old-time love.”
? BRADLEY WHITFORD (”The West Wing”) ”She should stay with Brad Pitt.”
? GUY PEARCE (”The Time Machine”) ”I need to go on Friends and sort her out.”
? BILLY CRYSTAL ”Is Rachel still on that show? She must be making a lot of money by now.”
? THORA BIRCH (”Ghost World”) ”I always thought Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) had dibs on Joey.”
? RAY ROMANO ”Would CBS let me cross over as Schwimmer’s homelier brother?”
? BRAD GARRETT (”Everybody Loves Raymond”) ”What about the monkey? Is he available?”
? WILMER VALDERRAMA (”That ’70s Show”) ”She should end up with Fez.”
? DA BRAT ”Joey’s cuter. Her and Ross were just doin’ it, but Joey really loves her.”
? TED DANSON (”Becker”) ”They’re both getting a million an episode. She can’t go wrong.”
? MICHELLE KWAN ”Ross, but Joey’s very cute and funny. I have no idea!”
? KELLY OSBOURNE (”The Osbournes”) ”F— ‘Friends.’ I hate that show.”



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