Britney Spears' new bistro has competition. imagines the star-run restaurants we'd like to eat in
Britney Spears
Credit: Britney Spears: Ola Torkelsson/Pressens Bild/ZUMA Press.

Britney Spears’ new bistro has competition

Britney Spears recently took another step towards world domination with the announcement of plans to open her very own restaurant. The Manhattan-based Nyla (a tribute to NY and her native Louisiana), scheduled to open in May, will reportedly offer down-home, moderately priced eats (and we’re guessing free refills of Pepsi). With the Britster as our inspiration, has compiled a list of the celebrity restaurants we’d like to see, plus some handy menu suggestions. Bon appetit!

STAR: Winona Ryder
SPECIAL: All you can fit in your purse Tuesdays!
BEST BET: Chicken Fingers Stuffed in a (Pita) Pocket
WHY WE’D GO: Five fingered discount, of course
MOTTO: ”The food’s a steal”

STAR: Tonya Harding
SPECIAL: Boxed lunches
BEST BET: Baton-pounded chicken filets
WHY WE’D GO: Free copy of Harding’s honeymoon sex tape with orders of $10 or more
MOTTO:”You can’t beat our prices… and really, don’t even think about trying”