Castoff Gabriel talks about NOT acting. All he wanted to do was have fun -- and he got his wish (if not the million bucks)
Gabriel Cade, Survivor: Marquesas
Credit: Gabriel Cade: Monty Brinton/CBS

About a second after the angelic 23-year old Gabriel Cade admitted he wasn’t on Marquesas to win the million bucks, you knew his time was limited. And sure enough, the one guy in it for ”the experience” got ousted. caught up with the eternally positive former bartender after he got the boot to see if the experience embittered him. Yeah, right.

So did you know you were outta there?
I absolutely knew that day. After my conversation with Rob it seemed very obvious to me that I had to form an alliance with Sean, Rob, and Vee, or all seven of them would vote me off.

So why didn’t you?
Because I found that in my life I tell myself that the journey is the destination. The journey takes me on a road that’s full of much more joy, happiness, and relaxation. It wasn’t about lasting longer.

Did you let Mark Burnett in on the fact that you weren’t going to play the game?
You know what? I actually did. There was a part we had to write down our strategy on the application and I wrote that my strategy was to go and have as much fun as possible.

Do you think John messed up by voting you off?
No, that’s what I would have done also if I was John. The game started. I wouldn’t have hurt John but I certainly wasn’t helping him by being around. It was also his last chance. There would have come a time after the merge when I would have been a threat to him.

And after you got kicked off, what did you do?
I ate for about four days straight. I gained 20 pounds in a week and a half. I had stretch marks on the outside of my stomach. Actually, life only got better after I got kicked off.

Are you happy with how you were portrayed?
It’s sort of like I might as well be. I went out there and fulfilled my personal objectives. I’m happy, sure. Well, I seem a little bossy. I didn’t pick up on it out there but my sister busted me.

You brought your teddy bear. How is it that you weren’t mocked from minute one out there?
It’s funny. No one ever said anything about it. But it smelled so bad after we jumped into the ocean I almost threw it into the fire.

You’re in Hollywood, being a bartender. I take it you’re a struggling actor.
I’m not bartending anymore. Actually, I ran a nationwide college newspaper and we opened an L.A. office so I found myself here. Most of my adventures in life were living in the mountains somewhere so this is interesting. I looked at acting and sort of pursued it but it’s not what I’m expecting to come out of this whole thing.

So what will you do?
I’m going to pursue adventure racing like a multi-day, multi-race across New Zealand.

Any endorsement opportunities coming your way?
Not yet, but I’ve never turned down an opportunity in my life. So we’ll see what comes my way.

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