ABC cancels ''Once and Again.'' Plus, news on ''Star Wars,'' ''Lord of the Rings,'' ''Jerry Springer,'' Carson Daly, Elton John, David Bowie, Liza Minnelli, David Gest, and more
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Across the Stars

TUBE TALK Proving again that desperate ”save this show” e-mail campaigns do absolutely nothing, the cult-favorite ABC domestic drama ”Once and Again” will go off the air after April 15, according to published reports. The critically beloved show (from ”thirtysomething” creators Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz) had numerous time slots in its three seasons on the network, but never found a substantial audience; its already unimpressive ratings shrank even further this year, with 2 million fewer people watching, the New York Daily News reported. Nonetheless, ”Once and Again” is expected to end with a full-fledged finale that will tie up the main characters’ storylines. The show’s current time slot is Mondays at 10 p.m., but don’t be surprised if it changes several more times before the last episode?

”Star Wars” fans who’ve groused that Hayden Christensen looks like he belongs in a boy band will have more ammunition on April 16, when a music video from “” hits VH1 and MTV. USA Today reports that the video will combine the movie’s John Williams-composed love theme, ”Across the Stars” with dialogue and footage from the film. A similar video from ”Phantom Menace” hit the ”TRL” countdown back in ’99. Meanwhile, the ”Clones” soundtrack album, due in stores April 23, will boast four separate covers. Collect ’em all?

It’s unclear if ”Sesame Street” or ”Once and Again” count, but a new study suggests that children who watch more than one hour of TV a day are more likely to commit violent crime, the Associated Press reported. A spokesperson for the National Association of Broadcasters told the AP he was surprised by those results, because violence on TV has fallen over the past two years?

The cancellation of “The Jerry Springer Show” probably helped that alleged decline, but the show’s head of security apparently got bored in its absence. Steve Wilkos, who spent years breaking up fights among transsexuals, baby-mamas and teens gone wild on ”Springer,” is now a professional wrestler, according to the AP. He’s competing in something called the Maryland Champion Wrestling league?

Nothing makes for a more gripping movie than complex accounting practices. has bought the rights to Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins’ life story, according to Reuters. The company plans to make a TV movie on the collapse of the company, one of several in the works…

Across the Stars
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