We name all 99 people in that great Oscar film. Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and... Wavy Gravy? Yes, they all appeared in Errol Morris' mesmerizing Oscar-night short
Iggy Pop, Oscars 2002

Before Oscarcast 2002 numbed our butts with its record-breaking running time, it got off to a jaunty start, thanks to documentarian Errol Morris. His four-minute, 15-second film featured an eclectic mix of folks — a lot of whom we recognized but couldn’t always place — ruminating on their favorite movie moments. Thanks to some help from Morris’ office in Boston, EW.com offers a complete list of the 99 testamonalists for your re-viewing pleasure.

In chronological order by appearance:

Dennis Jakob (film historian, San Francisco)
Faith Soloway (folk singer, Boston)
Andy Spade (designer)
Carrie Carlisle (student)
Roderick Daniel (quality analyst, Bank of America)
Shawn Fanning (creator of Napster)
Florence A. Kuduk (retired)
Arnette Fort (retired)
Leonard J. Sims (contractor, Boston)
Christy Turlington (supermodel)
Oribe (celebrity hairstylist)
Mayor Jerry Brown (mayor of Oakland)
Martin L. Perl (1995 Nobel Laureate in Physics)
Alice Waters (chef, Chez Panisse, Berkeley, Calif.)
Joe Vella (retired greengrocer)
Wavy Gravy (a.k.a. Hugh Romney, poet/first person to appear onstage at Woodstock ’69)
Susan Sontag (poet)
Jonathan Adler (New York ceramist/designer)
John and Ellen Thornton (NYPD)
Marina Davis (Realtor)
Willie L. Brown Jr. (mayor of San Francisco)
Octavia Peissel (student)
Haley Hardin (student)
Amy Sacco (owner, Lot 61 and Bungalow 8 nightclubs)
Belinda Farrell (ex-race car driver/healer)
Jennifer M. Rodriguez (student)
Sophie Dahl (model/granddaughter of author Roald Dahl)
Christopher S. Kasick (student, Boston)
Savion Glover (tap dancer)
Lani Guinier (law professor, Harvard University)
Nicholas A. Iannuzzi (retired plumber)
Patricia Field (fashion designer and stylist for “Sex and the City”)
Carolina Herrera (fashion designer)
Iggy Pop (musician)
Donald Trump (entrepreneur)
James Mastrangelo (beauty supply store owner)
Sidney Coleman (professor of quantum field theory, Harvard University)
Ashley Rice (writer)
Christian Rudder (entrepreneur)
Gina Christopher (sales)
Tom Brady (quarterback, New England Patriots)
Jessye Norman (opera singer)
Jared Washburn (production assistant, The Globe department store)
Thomas G. Botti (occupation unknown)
Amy Jo Kim (videogame Designer, San Francisco)
Laura Bush (First Lady of the United States)
Rocco DiSpirito (chef, Union Pacific, New York)
Richard ”Dicky” Barrett (lead singer, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
Jello Biafra (former lead singer, the Dead Kennedys)
Philip Glass (composer)
Hamilton Morris (high school student, Boston)
Clarence L. Johnson (unemployed)
Simon Doonan (window dresser, Barney’s New York)
Missy Allen (nurse, Boston)
Fran Lebowitz (writer)
Ward Dunham (bartender)
William Wegman and Chip (photographer/artist and subject)
Jack Valenti (president, MPAA)
Lou Reed (musician)
Anita D. Paratley (firefighter, San Francisco)
Rev. Al Sharpton (president, NAN)
President Mikhail Gorbachev (former president of the Soviet Union)
Lorna and Warren Sparks (attorney and housewife)
Walter Cronkite (journalist)
Alexandra Kreuter (assistant to Errol Morris)
Mark Hauser (professor of anthropology and psychology, Harvard University)
Joan Garverick (employee, Mission Bay golf course)
Drew Nieporent (restauranteur, of Nobu, Tribeca Grill, and Montrachet)
Harvey A. Silverglate (attorney, Boston)
Elsa Dorfman (photographer, Boston)
Rodney Brooks (director, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT)
Heidi Pribell (decorator)
Tony Goldmark (student)
Rafael Viñoly (architect, New York)
Marie-Therese F. Panlilio (student)
Leonard and Aria Charles (elementary school students)
Iraj Ray Mahvi (SFPD)
Dominick Morengo (chauffeur, New York)
Barbara Hammond (playwright, New York)
Arthur Boyland (engineer)
Laurie Anderson (musician/performance artist)
Aaron Tanaka (student/Starbucks employee)
Kenneth J. Arrow (1972 Nobel Laureate in Economics)
Mary Ellen Mark (photographer)
Ron Rosenbaum (writer, The New York Observer)
Urvashi Vaid (gay rights activist)
Sharon Boccelli (CEO, SB Auctioneers)
Harvey Kreuter (clothing wholesaler)
Chelsea Charles (mother of three/chocolate maker)
Michael Walsh (SFPD)
Darya Zhuk (student)
Sanford Marshal (occupation unknown)
Curt Gentry (writer, San Francisco)
Agnes Chu (student)
Rachel Joan Levene (student)
Angel Feliciano III (craft service, New York)
Eric Lander (director, Center for Genome Research at MIT)
Dennis Jakob (film historian)
Ann Petrone (head researcher for Errol Morris)