Clint Eastwood buys rights to ''Mystic River.'' The Boston-based crime writer, Dennis Lehane, is excited about working with the ''Dirty Harry'' star

By Daniel Fierman
Updated March 27, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST
Clint Eastwood
Credit: Clint Eastwood Illustration by Thomas Fuchs
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Critical acclaim. Great sales. Paramount buying his novel ”Gone, Baby, Gone” as a possible franchise for Ben Affleck. The New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl. If Dennis Lehane didn’t have enough wicked cool stuff going on, now Clint Eastwood is set to make a film of the Boston-based crime writer’s ”Mystic River.” ”We weren’t going to sell, but when Eastwood came along, I said sure. It’s Clint! I mean, what are you gonna do?” says Lehane. ”He’s shooting ‘Blood Work’ right now and the way I understand it, I’m next.” Don’t look for Lehane to take a crack at the screenplay, however. ”Oh no. Noooo. No, no, no, no, no. F— no!” he says, laughing. ”I’ve done two adaptations of my own work and swore I would never do them again. It’s like a lawyer representing himself. We got [‘L.A. Confidential’ coscreenwriter] Brian Helgeland.” Besides, Lehane is finishing his next book, ”Missing Dolores,” due in early 2003. ”It’s another stand-alone, set in the same fictional [Boston] neighborhood as ”Mystic River.” There’s some overlap…but there are no continuing characters.”

Mystic River

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