Britney says, ''I'm single.'' Plus, news about Ed Burns, Christy Turlington, Jim Carrey, John Travolta, James Franco, Billy Bob Thornton, Rage Against the Machine, Queen, Robert De Niro, ZZ Top, and others
Britney Spears
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SPLITS ”I’m single… right now.” That’s what Britney Spears said in an interview on British TV show ”Big Breakfast” that aired Wednesday, USA Today reports. This follows her declaration at a London press conference on Monday that she was not in an ”intense relationship” right now. It’s the clearest statement yet that she and Justin Timberlake are through, despite weeks of denials from both Spears and the couple’s publicist, who said just last week that the two singers ”love each other very much and have not broken up.” Of course, Spears has always been single; after all, she and the ‘N Sync singer were never married, so maybe this is another carefully ambiguous statement….

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