What stars remember about seeing ''E.T.'' -- Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Julianne Moore, and others talk about Spielberg's 1982 classic
Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Jennifer Lopez: QUEEN/ZUMA Press

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Entertainment Weekly asked a variety of stars to share their memories about the first time they saw ”E.T. The Extra- Terrestrial.” Here’s what they had to say:

JENNIFER LOPEZ Oh my God, ”E.T., phone home!” I saw it at a drive-in — in The Bronx! It was amazing. It was probably one of my biggest movie memories.

WILL SMITH I hate to say this, but I think the first time I saw ”E.T.” was a bootleg tape. My cousin worked in a movie theater, and he used to bootleg movies for me. To bring that much emotion to that level of fantasy was just awesome to me. It was one of those films you remember forever, and that’s what you shoot for when you’re creating a film.

NAOMI WATTS(”Mullholland Drive”) I was blown away, absolutely in awe of it. It took you to a whole other place.

JULIANNE MOORE I watched it with my son on video. We were both sick and in bed. The minute [E.T.] takes off on that bicycle I burst into tears. And my son was like, ”Mommy, what’s wrong?” But it’s interesting how quickly he identified with the little alien.

LAUREN AMBROSE (”Six Feet Under”) I was about Drew Barrymore’s age and I remember seeing her on the screen and wishing that I could be doing that.

CHRIS TUCKER It was amazing. It was just a groundbreaking movie, and I’m glad they’re re-releasing it.

DIANE LANE ”I can’t wait to take my 8-year-old. I remember Drew Barrymore’s scream, and of course, ”penis breath.”

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