Here’s your daytime drama: Mary-Kate Olsen, 15, of Fox Family’sSo Little Time got a best actress Emmy nod, but twin costarAshley didn’t. ”Both can’t get recognized for everything,” sighsRobert Thorne, CEO of Olsen empire Dualstar Entertainment. Howdid Emmy tell the tweens apart? — Joal Ryan and Missy Schwartz


Height: 5′ 2”

So Little Time role: Overachieving Chloe

Smile style: Closed-mouthed smirk

Writes with: Right hand

Big break: Full House’s baby girl

Surprising factoid: Doesn’t have an identical twin

Est. worth: $150 million


Height: 5′ 1”

So Little Time role: Earthy, carefree Riley

Smile style: Toothy grin

Writes with: Left hand

Big break: Ditto (tag-teamed part)

Surprising factoid: Yep, they’re fraternal

Est. worth: $150 million

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”It was easy to get out of his punishments, but, man, he’s a good yeller — ol’ yeller. A good screaming could put me in my place.” — Drena De Niro, on her father (and Showtime costar) ROBERT DENIRO