State of Emergency (Rockstar Games, PlayStation 2, Mature, $49.99) In this anarchy-glorifying game, it’s 2035 and the Corporation owns the world. All would be peaceful were it not for some freedom fighters out to topple the system. But these cartoon rioters bear little resemblance to the tear-gassed dummies who battled the police in Seattle (below) and Genoa — they’re more like the cold-blooded cadres of Fight Club. You play one of five civilians who join the underground and proceed to eliminate (read: kill) businessmen and turn company buildings into rubble. To help you cut a swath through legions of rival gangs and corporate security officers, you have an urban arsenal at your disposal that includes Uzis, grenade launchers, even park benches. Killing swiftly and in large numbers is not merely encouraged: In Kaos mode, it puts time on the clock and restores health. But remember, while smashing windows and blowing up cars will add points, offing civilians will cost you. THE ASSIST Drop weapons before running past Corporation forces and they’ll ignore you. THE LAST SHOT Four levels are too few to stay interesting for all 175-plus missions, which are too bloody repetitive. Kill! Kill! Kill!