Music and fashion have found yet another way to commingle: RockStar Baby, the brainchild of Bon Jovi’s Tico Torres and designerCinzia Spalletti, who opened a clothing store for newborn to2-year-old screaming fans. With its leather pants and studdedbiker jackets, the NYC boutique ( has alreadymade groupies out of U2’s Bono, Cindy Crawford, Michael Douglasand Catherine Zeta-Jones, and, of course, Jon Bon Jovi and SteveVan Zandt, who cradle infants in the company’s ads. ”Therewasn’t anything cool for kids,” says wannabe parent Torres, ”sowe work with leather, suede, denim, and micro-nylons.” And whathappens when the kids get too big for their bitchin’ britches?Says Torres: ”We’re working on cases to store leather outfitswith gold CDs containing the child’s age, size, and weight.”Rock on, baby. — Megan Quitkin

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”It was easy to get out of his punishments, but, man, he’s a good yeller — ol’ yeller. A good screaming could put me in my place.” — Drena De Niro, on her father (and Showtime costar) ROBERT DENIRO