Who cares what Hollywood insiders think? In the interest of democratizing the Academy’s voting process, has again sponsored an online poll — and more than 3,000 of you have already cast your votes. Also on display: our Snub Poll, where your fantasy picks have created an alternate universe ruled by conspicuously un-nominated Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann. The polls are still open, but here are the results as of press time:

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring got more than Tolkien support for Best Picture with 46.3% of the vote. That outpouring of elf-love really did a number on its closest competitor, A Beautiful Mind (29.7%). Moulin Rouge cancanned its way to No. trois (17.3%), leaving 4.1% In the Bedroom and 2.5% roaming Gosford Park.

Voters must really love Russell Crowe for his (Beautiful) Mind: They ignored his offscreen antics and rewarded his on-screen tics with 42.9% approval in the Best Actor category, topping Denzel Washington (33.7%). It’s a long drop after that: In the Bedroom’s Tom Wilkinson has even more to be angst-ridden about with his 8.9% showing, to say nothing of Sean Penn’s 7.5% for I Am Sam. And that fly-weight 7% for Ali’s Will Smith must sting like a bee.

The race heats up in the Best Actress category, where barely clad Moulin Rouge star Nicole Kidman (33%) barely tips Bedroom’s Sissy Spacek (32.5%). Halle Berry stays with the pack leaders with 25.3%, while Bridget Jones’s Diary’s Renee Zellweger (6.9%) and Iris’ Judi Dench (2.4%) make a bad case for British subject matter.

All hail Gandalf! Rings’ Ian McKellen (52.7%) is the overwhelming wizard, er, winner of the Best Supporting Actor race. In his regal wake, fellow Brits Iris’ Jim Broadbent and Sexy Beast’s Ben Kingsley tie, with 15.8% apiece. After that, it’s all about Training Day man-genue Ethan Hawke (8%), who just beats Ali’s Jon Voight (7.7%).

Congrats, Labyrinth fans: Those many hours spent online have paid off. A Beautiful Mind’s Jennifer Connelly is the poll’s biggest winner, with a whopping 62.6% in the Best Supporting Actress category. Her closest competitor, In the Bedroom’s Marisa Tomei, earned a mere 16%. And again the bucket bottom has a British lining: Maggie Smith (Gosford Park, 8.7%), Kate Winslet (Iris, 7.9%), and Helen Mirren (Gosford Park, 4.8%).

Let’s see: Every category containing LOTR has won so far — so three guesses who nabbed Best Director. Troll no further, it’s Peter Jackson (41.9%). A Beautiful Mind’s Ron Howard falls victim to the new math, with only 29.2%, while Gosford Park’s Robert Altman crumpets under the pressure with an un-smashing 15.2%. Black Hawk Down’s Ridley Scott (8.1%) rassles with Mulholland Drive’s David Lynch (5.7%) for the lowest rung.

Meanwhile, in your dreams, Memento (44.5%) tops the Snub Poll for Best Picture, while Rouge’s Ewan McGregor (33.2%) takes home the Snubbie for Best Actor. Drive’s Naomi Watts (29%) is the people’s pick for Best Actress, while Ghost World’s Steve Buscemi (39%) and Vanilla Sky’s Cameron Diaz (35.3%) dominated the supporting categories. And the one king to rule them all: Baz Luhrmann, 57.5% strong for his unsung helming.