Michael Caine is having a randy time, baby, playing a certain superspy’s father in the currently lensing Austin Powers 3. ”I turn out to be the greatest secret agent in the world, who taught him everything he knows,” says Caine of his wild role as Nigel Powers. ”The assumption is he took after his father. So I have the wig, the glasses, the teeth, and the same attitude.” What about Mom? ”We never mention her — I think there’s some doubt as to who the mother was.” Oh, Nigel, behave! ”Nigel’s a little mack,” agrees Destiny’s Child singer Beyonce Knowles, who plays Austin’s new love interest, Foxy Cleopatra. ”It’s innocent, but he does lay on the charms.” And when it comes to wardrobe, expect the senior Powers to be a tad more conservative. Jokes Seth Green, who returns as Dr. Evil’s son Scott: ”He’s a little less Austin-tatious.”

Austin Powers in Goldmember
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  • 94 minutes