Nicole just wants to have fun -- And Halle just wants to look fine, Will wishes it was the Grammys, and other stars tell you what they think about this year's Oscars
Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge (Movie - 2001)

Moviegoers and critics weren’t the only ones chattering about the Oscars this weekend. Stars and show organizers got into the act, as well: ”I would feel much better if this category were at the Grammys,” ”Ali” star Will Smith told the Associated Press. ”I feel like I’d have a much better chance if this were the rap category.”

”Monster’s Ball” star Halle Berry told AP that she’s more focused on her outfit than the Best Actress race. ”I know it sounds a bit shallow, but I’m focusing on that part of it, because the other part isn’t up to me,” she said. ”But what I wear that night is up to me.”

”Moulin Rouge” star Nicole Kidman expressed similar disengagement from the Best Actress contest: ”We’re all just going to have fun,” she told AP. ”Win or lose, we’re going to have fun.”

The Oscars’ head writer, Bruce Vilanch, joked to Reuters that he was disappointed that this year’s ceremony will lack dance numbers. ”We wanted to have the legendary Hobbit Dance and the Schizophrenic ballet,” he said.

Academy Awards producer Laura Ziskin told Reuters that she wants the Oscars to be especially elegant this year. ”I think [fashion] is so much a part of what the Oscars are. I feel like these are traditions, and we shouldn’t give up our traditions. We are really harkening back to old Hollywood and paying homage.”

Host Whoopi Goldberg told the Hollywood Reporter that the Oscars are the hardest gig any comedian could have. ”It really doesn’t matter who the host is to the people who are sitting there. All they want is the envelope,” she said. ”You could have Magilla Gorilla up there, and people will applaud and laugh at a couple of the antics and then want to get down to business.”