Which Best Director Nominee Boasts the Best Tribute Website?

The contenders for EW’s Coolest Website Honoring a Best Director Nominee reflect both the personal styles and the personalities of the auteurs they represent. On one site, A Beautiful Mind’s Ron Howard (1) probes his own mind and what emerges is not beautiful: A retelling of a dream — in which he strips naked while directing a love scene — is Flash-animated for all to see (countingdown.com/theater/originals/detail/264349). Gosford Park director Robert Altman (2) is equally revealing — and more tastefully represented — in a number of lengthy Q&A’s that can be found all over the Net (including sites like salon.com, theavclub.com, video.barnesandnoble.com, http://www.bfi.org.uk, and boxoff.com). The fans of Peter Jackson (3) are as devoted and down-to-earth as the famously shoe-averse Lord of the Rings helmer himself — and some cheeky site names say it all: The Bastards Have Landed (tbhl.theonering.net) and Your Mother Ate My Dog! (geocities.com/sunsetstrip/ club/9841/jackson.html). Like his best projects, including Black Hawk Down, Ridley Scott’s (4) online tribute (destination hollywood.com/celebrities/ridleyscott) is well engineered, beautifully designed, and coolly dispassionate. But the man who stands apart from the rest of this talented pack is David Lynch (5). His homepage (davidlynch.com) is just as weird, spooky, and unfathomable as Mulholland Drive. This site takes our prize, even as it leaves us scratching our heads.