Las Vegas bookmakers favor ''Mind'' for Oscar win -- While a Gallup poll finds that film fans say ''Mind'' and ''Rings'' are both Best Picture
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Credit: A Beautiful Mind: Eli Reed

Bookmakers at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas favor ”A Beautiful Mind” by 5-2 odds, according to a Reuters report. The bookies consider ”In the Bedroom” the Best Picture race’s dark horse, with 12-1 odds against winning. Caesars peg Russell Crowe the Best Actor favorite, and pick Sissy Spacek for Best Actress. Ben Kingsley is the bookmakers’ pick for Best Supporting Actor, and Jennifer Connelly is the favorite for Best Supporting Actress.

Meanwhile, If the moviegoers of America had their way, ”A Beautiful Mind” and ”The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings” would each get a Best Picture Oscar, according to a pre-Academy Awards Gallup survey of more than1,000 U.S. adults. Twenty-eight percent of respondents chose ”A Beautiful Mind,” and 25 percent chose “Rings”; with a three percent margin of error, that amounts to a tie, the Gallup News Service reported. ”Moulin Rouge” got nine percent, followed by a measly three percent each for ”Gosford Park” and ”In the Bedroom.”

Americans were similarly divided in the acting categories, with ”Mind” star Russell Crowe receiving 27 percent of the vote and ”Training Day”’s Denzel Washington getting 24 percent in the Best Actor race. For Best Actress, 22 percent of those polled chose ”Rouge”’s Nicole Kidman and 20 percent chose ”Monster’s Ball” star Halle Berry. But some of the poll results skew differently if limited to just the most frequent moviegoers surveyed (Gallup says that means those who see at least four movies a year). In that group, ”A Beautiful Mind” (40 percent) defeats ”Lord of the Rings” (29 percent), and Crowe beats Washington, 38 percent to 25 percent. The Best Actress race remains a statistical tie, though.

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