Seeing Tonya Harding (far right) pummel Paula Jones on CelebrityBoxing left us a little punchy. But we weren’t alone: Fox’stawdry March 13 special drew 15.5 million viewers. (Sources atthe net confirm they’re in talks for a second edition that couldair in May.) Here’s a blow-by-blow account.

PURSE STRINGS Fox says all pugilists collected the same amount.The Other Half’s Danny Bonaduce says he earned $35,000 to clobberex-Brady Barry Williams (the only fighter to donate some of histake to charity). Not bad for 92 seconds of work. ”If I’m goingto be in the trailer-trash event of all time,” says Bonaduce, ”Ishould get paid for it.”

TAT TALES Bonaduce also got $10,000 to wear a promotional temptattoo (patent pending) for Golden Palace Online Casino, whichalso put ”body billboards” on fellow winners Harding andDiff’rent Strokes’ Todd Bridges.

THE FIX IS IN? Fox swears it didn’t rig the bouts but confirmsthat multiple decisions were filmed for secrecy’s sake. Says anoddsmaking rep from Golden Palace: ”We always believed Tonya wasgoing to win.” Perhaps they had assurances from Jeff Gillooly.

— SB




AT THE MOVIES, future Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall’s(right) vampy vixen rep is born howling in Porky’s. IN MUSIC,Joan Jett & the Blackhearts can afford to put a couple milliondimes in the jukebox, baby, as ”I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” hits No. 1on the Billboard chart. in BOOKSTORES, Shel Silverstein’s ALight in the Attic blazes near the top of the Publishers Weeklybest-seller list. AND IN THE NEWS, the fledgling space shuttleprogram gets a boost as NASA monitors the Columbia’s currentcosmic voyage while announcing plans for a space station calledSpacelab.