We all know about E.T.’s smash movie debut, but what of thetorrid ups and downs the alien experienced throughout the rest ofhis career? Here we take you behind the…uh…big rubbery head. — Josh Wolk

1977 In his first big break, a young E.T. is cast in The EmpireStrikes Back as Yoda’s nosy landlord, Phil. Unfortunately, his”I know you got a Jedi in there!” shtick wears on test audiencesand he ends up on the cutting-room floor.

1982 Empire heartbreak pays off when a penitent George Lucasrecommends E.T. to Steven Spielberg, who is wowed and signs himup for the lead in E.T., replacing original choice Tina Yothers.

1985 Steve Van Zandt requests that E.T. appear for freealongside Bruce Springsteen and Bono in star-studded ”Sun City”video, complete with lit-up heart. E.T. develops reputation asprima donna with his terse reply, ”No dough, no glow.”

1986 The increasingly attitudinal alien agrees to star in TV’sALF, but walks off the set on the first day of shooting, unhappyabout the size of his dressing room. ”Maybe this crap flies withthe cast of V,” he screams, ”but I didn’t gross $300 million tosit in a godd — – shoebox!”

1989 As action movies supplant sci-fi at the box office, offersdry up and E.T. grows ever more irrational and candy-dependent.One night, while hopped up on Reese’s Pieces, he flies hisbicycle into a tree, injuring Leif Garrett, who’s passed out inthe bike basket.

1992 As E.T.’s habit grows from Pieces to Cups, his behaviorbecomes violent. Barred from the Viper Room, he’s arrested forhead-butting a bouncer in the groin.

1995 Emotional intervention is held in the Venice, Calif.,studio apartment he shares with Mac and Me’s Mac. Buck Rogers’Twiki finally reaches E.T., telling him he doesn’t need to makeit on planet Earth, he needs to make it on planet Me.

1997 Clean and peanut-butter-and-chocolate-free, E.T.’s lifeisn’t without temptation: Scotty (The Toy) Schwartz nearly lureshim into the world of porn, telling the alien that his long,glowing finger is ”money in the bank.”

1998 E.T. makes triumphant return to showbiz, sharing a squarewith Boba Fett on Hollywood Squares’ ”Space Week,” and gamelygrinning through Bruce Vilanch’s endless ”E.T., phone youragent!” jokes.

1999 With an appearance in a seat-belt PSA and a Phantom Menacecameo, E.T. says this is the beginning of a comeback, and boastsof a sitcom in the works that’ll costar Peter Coyote. ”When Peterand I get back together,” he jokes to Byron Allen, ”you knowit’ll…be good!”




AT THE MOVIES, future Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall’s(right) vampy vixen rep is born howling in Porky’s. IN MUSIC,Joan Jett & the Blackhearts can afford to put a couple milliondimes in the jukebox, baby, as ”I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” hits No. 1on the Billboard chart. in BOOKSTORES, Shel Silverstein’s ALight in the Attic blazes near the top of the Publishers Weeklybest-seller list. AND IN THE NEWS, the fledgling space shuttleprogram gets a boost as NASA monitors the Columbia’s currentcosmic voyage while announcing plans for a space station calledSpacelab.