$10 millionE.T.’s estimated budget

$704.8 millionE.T.’s estimated worldwide gross (before current rerelease)

$0Amount paid by Hershey’s to have its Reese’s Pieces appear inthe film. (The candy makers, who were approached after the M&M’speople passed, were at first reluctant to have their productassociated with a ”monster” movie.)

65%Increase in Reese’s Pieces sales after the film opened. Swampedwith back orders, Hershey’s put two plants on 24-hour productionschedules to fulfill demand for the alien-baiting edibles.

$25,000Amount paid by Neil Diamond to Universal for the rights to be”inspired by” E.T. After catching an early screening, Diamondteamed with songwriters Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager tocompose the treacly tribute ”Heartlight.” The tune reached No. 5on the Billboard singles chart.

1,100Number of opening-weekend screens in 1982

2,500Number of opening-weekend screens for 20th-anniversary edition

3Number of E.T.’s constructed for the production (a cable-operatedmechanical model, an electronic incarnation for detailed facialmovements, and a costumed-human ”walking E.T.”)

3Number of ”walking E.T.” inhabitants: a legless boy; a 2′ 10”ex-sheriff’s dispatcher; 2′ 7” actress Tamara De Treaux. DeTreaux, who died in 1990, inspired Armistead Maupin’s 1992 novelMaybe the Moon, about a disgruntled dwarf who plays a cutecreature in a popular film.

12Number of people required to operate the mechanical E.T., which,thanks to on-set boredom, was often subjected to such nonalienbehavior as nose-picking

1Number of authorized E.T. sequels. In 1985, Berkley publishedWilliam Kotzwinkle’s E.T. The Book of the Green Planet, aSpielberg-approved bestseller that finds E.T. returning to Earthand Elliott falling in love with a classmate.

11Minimum age required to see E.T. in Sweden, as determined bythe Swedish Board of Film Censorship, which felt the filmportrayed adults as enemies of children. Age restrictions werealso put in effect in Norway (12) and Finland (8).

9Number of Academy Award nominations received, including BestPicture. (Composer John Williams takes home one of the film’sfour trophies.)

1Number of 1982 Best Picture nominees that contained the phrase”penis breath”




AT THE MOVIES, future Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall’s(right) vampy vixen rep is born howling in Porky’s. IN MUSIC,Joan Jett & the Blackhearts can afford to put a couple milliondimes in the jukebox, baby, as ”I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” hits No. 1on the Billboard chart. in BOOKSTORES, Shel Silverstein’s ALight in the Attic blazes near the top of the Publishers Weeklybest-seller list. AND IN THE NEWS, the fledgling space shuttleprogram gets a boost as NASA monitors the Columbia’s currentcosmic voyage while announcing plans for a space station calledSpacelab.