Goodbye, green tea. Hello, bamboo. Along with being a panda’sfavorite food, bamboo is one of spring’s surprising fashionstatements. Gucci has created a bamboo clutch for the season, aswell as a sandal with bamboo stiletto, and Shiseido incorporatesthe plant into ”Zen” body treatments. Even TV’s Survivor:Marquesas is in on the trend: A recent episode had the castawaysbuilding rafts out of bamboo poles as part of a rewardchallenge. ”There’s an urge to return to nature for ourmedicines, foods, and beauty remedies,” says Alina Roytberg,cofounder of Fresh cosmetics, which features chopped bamboo inits rice skin bar, face wash, and honey face scrub. ”Bamboo wasalways considered an antiseptic and skin, hair, and nailstrengthener, so it’s here to stay.” Hopefully, no pandas willgo hungry.