Get our printable list of all the Oscar nominees -- Suitable for framing, office pools, or keeping score at home on Academy Awards night
Academy Awards
Credit: Oscar Statuette: Photograph by Kenneth Willardt

Though it’s easy to keep track of the top six or eight Academy Awards, there are reasons why you may need at least a glancing familiarity with all two dozen categories. For instance, you could earn tie-breaker points on your office pool, or impress your friends with your predictions of such arcana as whether ”Stubble Trouble” is likely to beat ”Strange Invaders” for Best Animated Short Film. (Hey, they don’t know that you don’t know.)

So, to help you master the names of the nominees — or maybe just decide when to take a bathroom break during the March 24 telecast — we’ve created a complete Oscar ballot. Print it out, and be sure to read it carefully. Otherwise, you might accidentally select Pat Buchanan for Best Actor. Then there’d have to be a recall, the whole thing would go to the Supreme Court, and things could get ugly.

CLICK HERE for a printable version of EW’s ballot for Oscar 2002.
(Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)