Schwarzenegger to remake ''Omega Man'' -- Plus, news about Ted Koppel, Bill Maher, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and others

By Gary Susman
Updated March 20, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Doug Peters/Retna
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REEL DEALS Another day, another sci-fi/fantasy franchise for Arnold Schwarzenegger to revive for Warner Bros. Shortly after his announcement that he was starring in a remake of ”Westworld” and doing a third ”” movie, Variety reports that his long-in-development version of ”I Am Legend” is finally going ahead. (It’s an adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel that Charlton Heston filmed 30 years ago as ”The Omega Man.”) Schwarzenegger removed the final sticking point by withdrawing as star and just serving as producer. He’s too busy to star anyway, since he has the about-to-shoot ”” on his plate, to be followed by ”Westworld” and ”Conan.” He’s hoping to hire Will Smith to star and Michael Bay (”Pearl Harbor”) to direct.

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