Seems you can’t read a feature on the Strokes without coming across innumerable comparisons to Class of ’77 New York rock bands like Television and Blondie. But while Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi, left, cops to his band’s undeniable debt to those groups, he maintains “that’s only really, like, 5 percent of what we’re influenced by.” Here’s what’s influencing him today.

–THE MOLDY PEACHES The Moldy Peaches I’m listening to them a lot. It’s kind of an obvious choice because we’ve done a couple of tours with them, but they’re really good.

–EVERYTHING IS GREEN The Essex Green Somebody just turned me on to them. From their name, they sound like they’d be sorta Kinks-y. Actually, they’re sort of stoner-rocky.

–PRECISE MODERN LOVERS ORDER The Modern Lovers There’s a couple of really, really good live Modern Lovers albums out there. They were an awesome band. Jonathan Richman just in general is really cool.