“Well, she’s single again, so now’s your chance.” Claire (LAUREN AMBROSE), after her mother (FRANCES CONROY) confessed to a teenage crush on Jane Fonda, on Six Feet Under

“This is what I’ve always pictured the inside of my head looks like.” Lorelai (LAUREN GRAHAM), entering Luke’s disheveled apartment, on Gilmore Girls

“Kathie Lee Gifford has agreed to star in a play about a woman who murders her husband. When asked about it, Frank Gifford said, ‘At this point, that doesn’t sound so bad.'” CONAN O’BRIEN on Late Night

“When you look at Sarah, you go: Other than having two floating devices that can help us out there, what value is she to the group?” SEAN, about his buxom teammate, on Survivor: Marquesas

“He’s moving to Vermont…. He says he wants to leave the country.” Monica (COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE), about lovesick Joey (MATT LeBLANC), on Friends