Impressed by all the gravity-defying grace of the U.S. Olympic snowboarding team? We were too. But we were also curious about what tunes the headphone-sporting athletes were cranking on their medal-winning runs. ”Music is a big part of the sport,” says gold medalist Ross Powers, 23, who joined fellow Americans Danny Kass, 19, and J.J. Thomas, 20, on the podium for Men’s Halfpipe. Rule 357.1 of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association states: ”Music may be used in all events but is mandatory for Halfpipe.” Yep, it’s mandatory. (Mike Ness, frontman for Powers fave Social Distortion, is happy to have inspired a gold-medal run: ”I don’t really like the cold, so this is probably the closest I’ll get.”) With the help of the trio and Women’s Halfpipe gold medalist Kelly Clark, 18, we compiled the ultimate mix tape for boarders seeking their own heavy medal moments. — Evan Serpick

— ”Fight for Your Right,” Beastie Boys (Powers) — ”Whiskey in the Jar,” Metallica (Powers) — ”Ball and Chain,” Social Distortion (Powers) — ”Bullet,” the Misfits (Kass) — ”Dammit,” blink-182 (Clark) — ”Break Ya Neck,” Busta Rhymes (Thomas)