Sissy Spacek tells about Oscar. ''In the Bedroom'''s grieving mom explains what her nomination means to her
Sissy Spacek
Credit: Sissy Spacek: Paul Smith/FeatureFlash/Retna

Twenty six years after enduring one seriously traumatic prom night in ”Carrie,” Sissy Spacek tells that she’s now thoroughly enjoying being belle of the ball, thanks to her Oscar-nominated best actress turn for ”In the Bedroom.” ”I feel like Cinderella,” says Spack, who is in L.A. to be feted and do some bonding with her colleagues. ”We’ve all been doing so many award events that we have relationships with each other. I’ve gotten to know Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman, and I spent a little time with Judy Dench and Renée Zelwegger, who is so precious.”

So much for being bitter Oscar rivals. ”That’s been the nicest thing — we’re all trying to play down the horse race because that’s the part of it that’s a little bit of a spoiler,” says Spacek. ”We all feel like winners, and we want to celebrate and look great.”

And what does earning the honor of her peers mean? ”An Academy nomination, oh my God,” Spacek says. ”It’s like getting a B-12 shot intravenously for a career. There are so many spectacular actresses my age, and there just aren’t enough roles for us all. We all have full careers, but we’re not always in the spotlight. Now it’s my turn, and I’m just going to try not to blow it for everybody.” Prom dress or not, we’re betting she does just fine.

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