Look out, Adidas. Move over, Puma. After an absence of more than 10 years, Pony is trotting its way back onto shoe shelves and basketball courts. Rock and rap stars like Linkin Park, Fred Durst, and Enrique Iglesias have all snapped up the retro duds, and company president David Schulte says he’ll continue peddling the same antiestablishment philosophy that made the brand a star nearly three decades ago. ”The heyday of Pony was 1977 to 1985…and we’re going right back to that vibe,” says Schulte. ”We’re not going to do anything mainstream. We’re irreverent, hardcore, and authentic.” The company is also not looking to develop a ladies’ line. ”We love women, as you can tell by our Pamela Anderson ad, but we’re not catering to them,” admits Schulte. ”One thing I can promise you’ll never see is a yoga line.”