The Evil Dead: The Book of the Dead Limited Edition


We hope horror-movie collectors have plenty of shelf space, because no other genre has flooded the market so gratuitously with multiple editions of the same title. The biggest offender in this repackaging renaissance is George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, now making its eighth — eighth! — appearance on DVD. As a fright film, Living Dead has it all: cannibalism, slow-moving zombies who always seem to be catching up, and women-in-danger tripping and falling for no reason. The crisp, high-contrast print on the Millennium Edition (following both anniversary and special editions) is the real star here, while the coffinful of extras (including photo galleries and cast interviews) is fine if not fascinating. Another classic making its umpteenth video appearance is The Evil Dead, Sam Raimi’s cabin-killing gorefest, which, almost 20 years later, is still shocking for the amount of pure carnage involved. Now available in Necronomicon form (it comes cased in a spooky faux-flesh-covered book), this limited edition will swallow your soul with new treats like star Bruce Campbell’s own Fanalysis, a fun Trekkies-like look at obsessed geeks…er, fans. Sure, releasing these two Deadly titles yet again may be a case of — how should we put this? — overkill, but you know what they say: the gore, the merrier. Living Dead: B+ Evil Dead: A-

The Evil Dead: The Book of the Dead Limited Edition
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