Spring is in the air, and judging from the responses to our Spring Movie Preview (#639, Feb. 15), readers are ready. ”As usual, I enjoyed your preview,” writes Lenny Felgin of Alpharetta, Ga. ”It’s great that Steven Soderbergh is releasing a movie. Lots to look forward to!” Also weighing down the mailbags were Once and Again fans praising Ken Tucker’s defense of the show. Says Andrea Brewster-Gray from East Longmeadow, Mass.: ”ABC has mishandled one of the best shows on TV. Come on, ABC, let’s raise the bar, give this show a consistent day and time, and plug it!” Jackson Mahaney of Lebanon, Ind., was equally effusive: ”Wake up, ABC! The Chair sucks, and Once and Again rocks. Ken Tucker, you rock too!”

Jodie! Jodie! Jodie!

No need to panic! Jodie Foster’s in the house! (Well…in Panic Room.) I am the biggest Jodie fan known to mankind, and I cried with relief to see her gorgeous smirk once again on the cover of a leading magazine. Thank you, EW — you made my day! KELLE J. SCHORZMAN Seattle

Poor Jodie Foster. Was she not aware of the dreaded EW Spring Movie Preview cover curse when she agreed to grace your magazine? (See Josie and the Pussycats, Reindeer Games, The Deep End of the Ocean, Wild Things, The Devil’s Own, and Mary Reilly.) Good luck with Panic Room. I hope it breaks the streak. CASEY CASTAGNO Salt Lake City

Thank you for the hot picture of Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson in your Spring Movie Preview! Who cares if his acting ability is severely lacking? The man is gorgeous! Muscled, beefy…definitely the most delicious dish in Hollywood! LAURA MYERS Phoenix

I was stunned by the beauty of Jason Holley’s illustration for the Spring Movie Preview. It is boldly evocative of the riotous sensory experience that is spring; far better to give us a true sense of the new and exciting (in and outside of the theater) than to feature another montage of stills, head shots, caricatures, or any combination thereof. Thank you for bringing me my first breath of that fresh spring air! CAITLIN M. ROONEY East Lansing, Mich.

Million-Dollar Friendship

What is the big deal about paying the actors on Friends $1 million each per episode (News & Notes)? Friends is the No. 1 show this year to date and has been in the top 10 every season since its debut. Plus, it makes bucketloads in revenue (syndication and otherwise) for both Warner Bros. and NBC. The actors on Friends are worth every penny they make. STEVE LEONARD La Mesa, Calif.


Usually Jim Mullen displays a keen understanding of the difference between pop culture critique and nakedly partisan spite (News & Notes). His assertion that Sean Hannity ”[had] his brain removed” is not only an uninspired jab, it insults the intelligence of EW readers who just may agree with Hannity’s politics. Shame on you, Jim; you’re usually spot-on. JANA SWANSON Seattle

‘Once’ Again