— BONOVERDOSE (n.) Current inescapability of a certain messianic, self-obsessed rock star who refuses to walk on.

— RAP-RESENTATIVE (n.) The requisite hip-hop ambassador brought in to lend ”street cred” to an uninspired performance by an insipid pop group (see Jay-Z and ‘N Sync at the Grammys).

— CINEMA PUBERTE (n.) A movie movement in which theatrically untrained teen-pop stars test the limits of filmgoers’ goodwill and tolerance (e.g., Britney Spears’ and Mandy Moore’s latest).

— LABELLE-Y-ACHE (n.) Intestinal distress brought on by prolonged exposure to an overdone ”Marmalade” of diva histrionics (see Grammy performers Mya, Lil’ Kim, Pink, and Christina Aguilera).

— ‘N ORBIT (n.) Where improbable levels of pop success will eventually get you (see Lance Bass’ now-scuttled plan to go into space with the Russians).