Celebs tell us their Oscar picks. Read who Grammy winner Alicia Keys wants to win Best Picture, why ''West Wing'' star Bradley Whitford is backing ''Shrek,'' and more
Alicia Keys
Credit: Alicia Keys: Paul Smith/Feature Flash/Retna

Alicia Keyes ”’A Beautiful Mind.’ It’s the most incredible movie I’ve seen in a long time.”

Bradley Whitford (”The West Wing”) ”Good thing they added the animation category. Now parents will have a reason to talk about the Oscars since those are the only movies we have time to see — the ones you can take the kids to. And I loved ‘Shrek.’ It was very clever mix of adult and kid jokes.”

Garcelle Beauvais (”NYPD Blue”) ”Halle Berry, Halle Berry, Halle Berry. For actor I think it’s between Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. But I thought Sean Penn was wonderful too.”

Penny Marshall ”Sissy Spacek or Halle Berry. And I want Ron Howard to win. I don’t think anyone from television has won director. But I think ‘Lord of the Rings’ will dominate.”

Natalie Cole ”I have a feeling Sissy Spacek will win, though I was really happy Halle Berry got nominated.”

Barry Pepper (”61*”) ”’A Beautiful Mind’ will win across the board, but I think ‘Lord of the Rings’ should win. It was an incredible achievement. I also think Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry did a fantastic job in ‘Monster’s Ball.’ I’m not sure I knew Halle Berry had that in her; she owned her scenes and all that pain.”

Eliza Dushku (”The New Guy”) ”Jennifer Connelly, who is so amazing. And I think ‘In the Bedroom’ was a profound movie, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

Aisha Tyler (”Talk Soup”) ”Denzel Washington for ‘Training Day.’ An hour into the movie, my mouth had been hanging open catching flies. I was just riveted. It’s easy to play a villain, but it’s really difficult to play a villain that you are simultaneously revulsed by and attracted to. Everybody else good luck; Denzel gave the only performance I’m really in love with.”

Chi McBride (”Boston Public”) ”I think Denzel Washington deserves it. He did a hell of a job in ‘Training Day.’ I don’t get into the politics of the Oscars, but I think the person who does the best job should get it and I think this year that person is Denzel. I hope politics don’t get in the way of him winning.”

Eva Marie Saint ”I can’t say, because I’m a voting member of the Academy. But I loved ‘I Am Sam’ and thought it was really very moving. ‘Iris’ was very special too.”

Lionel Richie ”Denzel Washington is my boy. And Halle Berry is my next-door neighbor, so she can take anything she wants any time.”

Burt Bacharach ”I’d like to see Paul McCartney win for his ‘Vanilla Sky’ song.”

Sally Kirkland ”Ron Howard’s my favorite director — I worked with him on ‘EdTV.’ Sean Penn broke my heart, with his performance in ‘I Am Sam.’ I had trouble with ‘In the Bedroom,’ but I loved Sissy Spacek’s performance. I thought ‘Lord of the Rings’ was fabulous, I wish Kevin Kline had been nominated for ‘Life as a House.”’

Larry King ”From what I’ve seen and what I’ve read, Russell Crowe will win again, with Denzel Washington a long shot. There’s lot of buzz for Denzel, a lot of people saying he deserves it, and no black male has won since Portier. There’s a lot of movement for Denzel, but I’ll say Russell Crowe. Sissy Spacek will get Best Actress, and ‘Lord of the Rings’ will win best movie. Best director will be Ron Howard for ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ and ‘Shrek’ will win for Best Animated Film. It’s going to be all over the place this year — real mix and match.”

Nancy Sinatra ”’A Beautiful Mind’ will win. To me, it’s the most interesting. And Ron Howard is so brilliant — it’s about time he was acknowledged. I would love to see Sean Penn win, but I think Russell Crowe will get Best Actor.”

Sean Young ”I just voted the other day. I’ve been in the Academy since 1994 and it is sad to say but you usually end up voting for the people that you work with and that you know and who you think are good people. I’ve never worked with Jennifer Connelly, but I did pick her to win. She is so precious. I think we could play sisters.”