Syd has even Moore to worry about. Adding the ex-Bondsman, says Jessica Shaw, made last night's episode a conspiracy dream come true
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Syd has even Moore to worry about

If you had just begun to pat yourself on the back for finally getting a handle on the whole CIA, SD-6, KGB connection, last night may have put you over the edge. But for those of us geekily obsessed with every character, his or her possible link to Sydney and her mission, and the deliciously twisted backstory, last night was like manna from the heavens. (Okay, maybe slight exaggeration. But it sure beat the hell out of watching the SAG Awards).

So what if ”The Prophecy,” as the Rambaldi document is being called, sounds a little too Christopher Walken movie circa late ’80s? You gotta admit you were freaked out. For the first time since the show began, Sydney actually looked scared. Between the Department of Special Research official, who looked like Sissy Spacek’s evil twin, and her creepy McCarthy-era-looking suits/thugs, you could hardly blame Sydney for being a little concerned. In terms of our white-knuckle level, how disturbing was the horror-movie crescendo-building music that played throughout the episode? I felt oddly compelled to look in my closets for Rambaldi artifacts or DSR agents during the commercial breaks.

But even more than the Prophecy interrogation and the Vatican break-in (though hearing Vaughn say anything in Italian would have been worth the hour commitment), the Arvin Sloane storyline was the most fascinating part of the episode. First of all, it’s about time the guy left the SD-6 offices and proved why he’s capable of running an intelligence organization. What could possibly have been more brilliant than bringing in Roger Moore to play the Bond-gone-bad SD-9 head Edward Poole? Now that we know Poole’s connection to Alexander Khasinau (a.k.a., ”The Man”), and now that Sloane is determined to get revenge on the man who made him kill his mentor, Jean Brilaut, I hope we’ll be seeing Moore around a lot more. Or at least until Sydney gets a mission to kick his traitor butt.

The Alliance of 12 meeting was also fascinating, but they could have used a little estrogen in the room. By the way, does anyone else think there’s something more to Emily than a cancer patient with a year to live? That whole ”It must be hard doing what you do” exchange in the garden with Sydney concerned me. Maybe she was KGB with Sydney’s mom. Maybe SHE is Sydney’s mom. Okay, must stop brain from spinning out of control with possible scenarios.

That final scene in the club, I must confess, seemed terrifyingly after-school-special to me at first. Sydney did her secret mission stuff, but then had fun getting down with her two best buddies because hey, kids, friendship is what it’s all about anyway. Well, the goose bumps sure came out after Sydney spotted those DSR agents watching her and then following her outside the club. I got the part about Sydney having the same DNA, platelet count, and heart-size that Rambaldi predicted, but the rest of the prophecy made it sound like Sydney was about to turn into some omnipotent, King Kong-ish she-devil. And she thought her love life was tough now.

What’s your take on ”Alias”’ thickening plot?

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