Elijah Allman's album may still be released. After two false starts, though, he and his Deadsy bandmates aren't holding their breath
Deadsy, Elijah Blue Allman

If nepotism counts for anything, Elijah Blue Allman should have had a free pass to the big time. The son of Cher and Gregg Allman fronts Goth-metal band Deadsy, which signed to Sire/Elektra seven years ago and recorded a self-titled album. But it never came out. The initial 1997 release was scuttled when Sire split with Elektra. Two years later, a slightly rejiggered version (retitled ”Commencement”) was almost put out by Sire/Warner Bros., but Warner decided at the last minute not to release it. It’s been in limbo ever since.

”I didn’t really give a s— every time the record didn’t come out,” says Allman. ”We’re obviously not too impatient. It’s basically the ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ thing, and that’s what we’re trying to build.” Now, finally, it looks like the album will reach stores. DreamWorks has signed the band and promises to put out ”Commencement” (with several new tracks) on May 21. ”I knew it would happen when it was supposed to happen, and now it’s happening,” says Allman. Probably.

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