Taboo (Stage)

A musical based loosely on Boy George’s life was bound to be so ’80s, right? Glitzy, glamorous, and, alas, sometimes just giddily excessive. A few terrifically catty gibes aside, Mark Davies’ script has too much of everything: too many characters, too many weak plotlines, too many cliched generalizations (moms=good, dads=bad). Even the standout performances are plentiful; finest of all are Euan Morton as George (they must have been separated at birth) and Matt Lucas, in a show-stealing turn as artist Leigh Bowery. But George’s abundant and sparkling music — most of it new — is the true star. From camp anthems and poignant ballads to a sing-along version of ”Karma Chameleon,” there’s no better soundtrack for a sashay down his neon-lit memory lane. (011-44-870-899-3335)

Taboo (Stage)
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