By EW Staff
March 08, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST

This just in: Despite recent anchor rancor over networks playing up newscasters’ cute factor, being ”a little sexy” for broadcasting is old news. Granted, CBS never used a zipper sound to emphasize the charms of Edward R. Murrow, but ever since TV killed the radio star in the 1950s, being telegenic has launched many a career.

EDWARD R. MURROW The newsman made shirt-sleeve journalism glam

JESSICA SAVITCH Michelle Pfeiffer played her in a movie. ‘Nuff said.

TOM BROKAW He and Peter Jennings gave the news frat-boy charm

ARTHUR KENT The Scud Stud sexed up NBC’s Gulf War coverage

KATIE COURIC & MATT LAUER The perky pair took the yawns out of a.m. TV

PAULA ZAHN Is she why Greta Van Susteren went under the knife?