Which Best Actor Nominee Boasts the Best Tribute Website?

Poor Tom Wilkinson (1): He’s the only Best Actor Oscar hopeful without a fansite (unless you count the one that shut down for ”lack of interest”). Otherwise, this year’s male leads are in a tight race for EW’s Coolest Website Honoring a Best Actor Nominee. The ex-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (2) has plenty of tribute pages, but none as true-to-form as willsmith.net — which is a promotion for his 1999 CD Willennium. And for a peek into the mysterious mind of Sean Penn (3), The Indian Runner — Sean Penn (geocities.com/hollywood/bungalow/6339) features photos of the actor with a machine gun, with author Charles Bukowski, and with both of his wives (Madonna and Robin Wright Penn). Fans of Denzel Washington (4) have done their work online too, but read the journal entries by photographer Robert Zuckerman on the official Training Day site (trainingday.warnerbros.com) to get a feel for his off-camera persona. For Russell Crowe (5), it’s a toss-up between Maximum Russell Crowe (maximumcrowe.com) and CroweChicky (crowechicky.com). Both sites feature lyrics from Crowe’s band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, and way too many photos. But Maximum takes the prize for devoting an entire page to the Aussie star’s favorite ”footy” team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs.