Despite winning Best Actor and Best Director Oscars for 1990’s Dances With Wolves, Dragonfly’s Kevin Costner tells EW he won’t appear in the follow-up. ”They’ve written one, it’s a nice script, but it’s not for me,” says Costner of the in-the-works The Holy Road. ”It didn’t speak to me the way the first one did.” In Michael Blake’s 2001 novel The Holy Road, Lieutenant Dunbar (a.k.a. Dances With Wolves, the Costner role) must resume the ways of the white man after his wife, Stands With a Fist, and their infant daughter are kidnapped. The new Dunbar hasn’t been cast. ”I must be some kind of idiot to not get in the sequel,” says Costner, perhaps known lately as Argues With Agent. ”But I just have to go where I feel I need to go.”