Suge Knight works the room at the Hip-Hop Summit. His comments at an industry shindig make everybody nervous

Marion Suge Knight
Credit: Suge Knight: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network scheduled a consciousness-raising conference in Beverly Hills for Valentine’s Day, skeptics wondered how a smoochfest could ensue with enemies Suge Knight and Dr. Dre both slated for opening remarks. It didn’t. Dre didn’t show; when Knight did — well after Louis Farrakhan’s keynote speech — peacemaking wasn’t on his agenda.

In a 40-minute soliloquy, Knight recounted crashing P. Diddy’s Super Bowl party: ”If I gotta go to your function and you gotta run and your people hide you out, you ain’t my people.” He got a smattering of applause, then laughter upon musing ”Black people is the most forgiving race…and that’s all bad!”

Ex?Death Row act Jewell began shouting ”I represent Jesus Christ…and I cannot sit here and continue to let the devil deter our purpose for being here,” provoking more Knight-isms: ”Some men wanna be women, and some women wanna be men…. You want to talk about Jesus Christ? I ain’t no gay-basher, but [fellatio] is the devil!” Whatever happens with his label, Knight will always have a career as the Scary Guy Who Makes Everyone Laugh Nervously.