Today they’re Oscar nominees, but on March 24 they’ll become the world’s worst audience. ”You try to behave like an adult and it’s impossible,” admits Ali’s Jon Voight — who, as a four-time nominee and winner for 1978’s Coming Home, is an expert attendee. ”We’re all thinking about…what’s my speech going to be.” That is, if they’re thinking at all: ”I’ll be the dazed, bald, fat man in the corner,” predicts Gosford Park scribe Julian Fellowes. For many, the night will be about losing gracefully — an art Monsters, Inc. composer Randy Newman (nominated 16 times, never a winner) has mastered: ”I’ve gotten really good at standing up to let others pass.” Former winner Judi Dench (Iris) is already bracing for the worst: ”It will be a sitting-down evening for me.” But Tom Wilkinson (In the Bedroom) shows no such resignation: ”You need a nice British hooligan element to liven things up. We’ll start a few fights.”