When their favorite television shows get the hook, dedicated fans go to the Net--and put their complaints online.

By Noah Robischon
March 01, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST

For every TV series that was canceled this season, there’s a jilted viewer pining for its return. And just as in years past, panicked audiences have begun gathering online to save their shows by petitioning the networks. Their efforts aren’t all in vain: In 2000, La Femme Nikita was given an eight-episode reprieve after USA Networks was flooded with mail. With a decent website, and an imaginative ploy like the Tabasco sauce bottles that accompanied the save-Roswell effort, fans can win out. Here’s a list of the latest protests:


SITE (oandafans.com) STRATEGY Thanks to lobbying efforts of the Emmy-winning show’s viewers, ABC’s new head of programming, Susan Lyne, will soon have some extra bedtime reading. Inspired by the bookstore/matchmaking service on O&A, Lyne will receive a paperback along with every plea. SIGNATURES 6,614* on savethat show.com OUTLOOK Save some of those books, O&A fans. You’ll need something to read between now and March, when the show (hopefully) returns. B+ *NUMBERS AS OF FEB. 15, 2002


SITE (comics2film.com/storyframe.php?f_id=139) STRATEGY Fox’s oddball superhero series only got through eight of the nine episodes that were produced for its first — and only — season. That’s why fans, taking a cue from the Tick’s battle cry (”Spoooon!”), have started a ”Spoon Fox” campaign: They’re sending blue plastic utensils to Fox TV chairman Sandy Grushow. SIGNATURES 5,634 on savethatshow.com OUTLOOK Considering The Tick’s ratings, it will take more than plastic to bend Fox’s will. C


SITE (planetfamilyguy.com) STRATEGY Supporters of the decidedly un-PC animated series have promised to boycott all of Fox TV and ”every product shown on those stations” until the Griffins get a regular time slot. SIGNATURES 49,180 OUTLOOK This Family campaign verges on dysfunctional. B-


SITE (petitiononline.com) STRATEGY The ”BAM! Kick TV up a notch: Keep Emeril on TV!” campaign has too much exclamation and very little point. SIGNATURES 44 OUTLOOK Cancel those reservations: The only place Emeril is getting kicked is to the curb. F


SITE (how.to/helpfelicity/) STRATEGY Felicity finally graduates…into oblivion. But obviously someone here has been cutting classes: This outdated site is still lobbying for the just-completed fourth season. SIGNATURES 472 — to revive the show — at petitionon line.com OUTLOOK It’s time Felicity fans took their diplomas and found a new show. C-