Gregory Hoblit knows the score. The director — who gave Edward Norton his break in 1996’s Primal Fear — was surprised when the actor passed on the title role in Hart’s War, which went to Colin Farrell. ”Edward was very interested in a Tommy Hart-driven movie but not in [having] other roles elevated to be more complex…and I was,” says Hoblit. War screenwriter Billy Ray (Volcano) is less diplomatic: ”Bruce [Willis] became attached, and then Ed got shaky,” he says. ”Greg deserved better. He made Ed.” Norton’s agent, Brian Swardstrom, disagrees: ”Ridiculous! Edward was never committed. It was always pending a costar and a script. As much as he wanted to work with Greg, he made a commitment…that he would never sign on before they had a finished script.” Hoblit takes the squabble in stride: ”I’ve come, in this business, to have no expectation about people’s manners. It’s better to get on with it.”

Hart's War
  • Movie
  • 125 minutes