The Zygote Chronicles


Finnamore, the engaging author of Otherwise Engaged, describes the highs, lows, and expanding middles of pregnancy in her follow-up novel. Her heroine eats, bloats, makes peace with her father, and falls in love, real love, for the first time. Her story reads like a journal, a love letter to her womb, a goodbye to the guilt she’s long harbored for the baby she aborted when she was 21 years old. An endeavor like this could alienate, or at least irritate, any reader who isn’t also making the rounds at babyGap. But the author’s voice, sly and sharp, hooks you: ”It feels like the world’s smallest kickboxer with cotton wrapped around his tiny feet and everything encased in flat champagne.” Why her publisher is billing this as a novel rather than a memoir remains a marketing mystery. The high note of this sweet song of pregnancy is named Pablo Finnamore Friedman. B

The Zygote Chronicles
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