Admit it: The syndicated yakfest The Other Half is a guilty pleasure. So when Dick Clark, Partridge party boy Danny Bonaduce, and Saved by the Bell alum Mario Lopez visited New York City to tape segments, we took minutes:

Noon At lunch, Mario observes that NYC women wear black because ”there’s so much dirt, you know, falling on them.”

1:20 Near MTV’s midtown studio, TRL-ish girls squeal to Mario: ”It’s Slater! Where’s Zack?” (Um, on NYPD Blue!)

1:30 Times Square tourists are perplexed. ”The Other what?”

2:15 In a limo bound for a hair salon (where they’re filming a bit on ”real Brooklyn women”), Danny and Mario are asleep. Dick grumbles: ”There I am at the American Music Awards…and I get a handwritten note from this one [Mario] asking [if he could] come backstage and meet Michael Jackson. I mean, really.”

4:00 Women at the salon either mob Mario or ask, ”Are you gay?”

5:00 While Mario peruses YM, Danny ruminates on talk shows: ”They don’t cure cancer. If you’re having fun, the people watching are having fun. Believe me, we’re having fun.”