Psychic John Edward is pitching a drama series. The host of the syndicated ''Crossing Over'' wants to incorporate supernatural themes into everyday life
John Edward
Credit: John Edward: Retna

The popular host of the I-talk-to-dead-people show, ”Crossing Over” (the No. 1 new syndicated series), will team with Studios USA to develop a drama about a doctor who discovers he has psychic powers (no debut date or network has been set). But don’t expect some séance-filled spookfest like NBC’s failed 2000 series ”The Others” (not to be confused with Nicole Kidman’s successful cinematic chiller), because Edward is determined to steer clear of the usual paranormal clichés.

”I’m going to work my hardest to make this as non-”Twilight Zone”-esque as possible,” says Edward, who believes previous shows about psychic phenomena have been too stereotypically hokey. ”I’m looking to tap into everyday lives, so viewers can identify with experiences that our characters are having. If a character is flying or battling some type of evil demonic force in hell, I’m not sure the average viewer at home is going to relate.” Unless, of course, it involves the in-laws.

Crossing Over With John Edward
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