Limp Bizkit ends its search for a new guitarist. Plus, news about Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Juvenile, Matthew Perry, Christina Ricci, Barbara Walters, Peter Fonda, Matt Damon, and others
Fred Durst
Credit: Fred Durst: Jerzy Dabrowski/ZUMA Press

SOUND BITES Yesterday, Limp Bizkit completed its ”Put Your Money Where Your Guitar Is” tour of nationwide open auditions for a guitarist to replace Wes Borland, and they’ve picked… nobody. The band listened to about 5,000 hopefuls during open calls at 22 Guitar Center stores across the country over the last month. And while the band says it may call back about 30 musicians for further auditions or even sign some to separate deals on its Flawless label, it hasn’t settled on anyone yet to fill Borland’s cloak.

Many musicians report feeling shortchanged by the experience of waiting hours in line and signing a release to allow their images to be used in a documentary, only to play for less than a minute. But the band says it never guaranteed that it would ultimately hire someone it discovered on the tour. On, frontman Fred Durst writes, ”Anyone who is mad about their experience trying out for Limp Bizkit simply and plainly 100 percent sucked.” He also assured auditioners that, despite the documentary plans, he wasn’t going to steal anyone’s musical ideas. ”In no way whatsoever would Limp Bizkit ever steal or take anything (music, riffs) from anyone on this planet!! And remember the only person who watches a thief is a thief.”

Not only is Durst without a lead guitarist, but he’s without a girlfriend. On his website,, he reveals the shocking news that ”the pimp thing” is all an act. ”Like, when I’m on MTV, these chicks are fanning and massaging me. It’s not like I attracted ’em off the street. We fucking hired ’em. I want everybody to be thinking I’m having the time of my life, but I’m single and miserable. I’m lonely. I’m experiencing the best things in my life, with no one there to share them. I’m a hopeless romantic.”

Meanwhile, in his first major interview since leaving the band four months ago, Borland told that he split because he grew bored playing the caped crazy. ”Bells start going off, like, ‘This is what it feels like to sell out,”’ he said. ”I’m enjoying all the perks of [Limp Bizkit], but I feel my heart is going black, because this is not what I’m called to do. The little voice inside my head says, ‘You should be somewhere else. You should take the risk. You should let it go.’ ” He added, ”I think they’ll be better now that I’m gone. I think I held them back from being their best, because I was so against all the things that were going on.”

Borland has since formed a band called Eat the Day, which includes brother Scott Borland on bass, and he’s so serious about the music that he’s actually taking singing lessons. As for his former bandmates, he said, ”The original statement said the split was amicable, and I would say that it is, but that doesn’t mean that we can, like, hang out. It’s gonna take a lot of time to heal. There’s definitely not any bad feelings, but it’s not like we’re going to have lunch anytime soon.”…

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